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Arnold Schwarzenegger once pranked Jesse Ventura


While filming Predator back in the mid 80s, Arnold Schwarzenegger once pulled a prank on Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Here’s what Arnold and Jesse had to say:


Jesse: Biggest thrill for me was when we hit wardrobe. And I happen to view Arnold’s wardrobe tape, and when my arms taped out 1 inch bigger than Mr Olympia’s, that made Jesse Ventura feel pretty good.

Arnold (commenting on what Jesse said): Well I’m very happy about that, because then my joke worked. Because I told the wardrobe department they should tell him that – so I can bet him a bottle of champagne afterwards when he comes to the gym.

He came to the gym two days later and he said: “You know something Arnold? We should measure our arms. Who has bigger arms? I said, “of course, we should.” I said, “let’s bet a bottle of champagne.” He (Jesse) says, “of course we should.”

And then we measured it and my arm was 3 inches bigger than his. And he lost a bottle of champagne. And you know the psycho tricks, they work on everybody, bodybuilders and also on wrestlers. It was good.

Even in pranks, Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us who’s boss.