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Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet Review


Like a well worn pair of jeans, a wallet is important to a man. It follows him everywhere. It needs to be reliable, fashionable and functional. It has to handle the good, the bad and roll with the punches. Here’s where the Bellroy Hide & Seek wallet comes in.

We decided to take the wallet for a spin over a few cold beers on a Sunday afternoon. Upon first impressions we immediately noticed a quality of workmanship that began right at the beginning with the packaging. Once the well enclosed wallet was released into the world, we sat it on the table and took a swig of beer and thought “well that’s a nice lookin’ wallet.”

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And a nice lookin wallet it is with its soft vegetable tanned leather. To touch, the wallet is a nice soft supple leather, not your harder leather that you’d find in a cheap ‘pleather’ rip off. This is a nice wallet to hold and easily slips into your back pocket with the bottom right corner being rounded off. Right from the get-go, the Hide & Seek is ready to be molded into the endless number of stools, chairs, benches and car seats that life will throw at it. This isn’t a wallet to be precious with as Bellroy understand the true meaning of the words ‘everyday use’.

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The Hide & Seek performed well once we loaded it up with some plastic and cash. It can hold 5-12 cards comfortably and the Hide & Seek name seems fitting once we discovered a hidden protected section for prized cards to be tucked away. This is a great feature if you want to give some of your cards a bit of added protection, or not lose that ladies number from the bar. Nice.

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Further adding to the Hide & Seek features is a hidden section for discreet bill storage should you want to hide away your Benjamins from the main bill section. This section is nicely stitched and well thought out with a leather flap overlaying for protection.

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We won’t lie, this wallet could easily be used as a prop in a badly directed 70’s porno with its retro inner lining and tanned hide leather. The stitching is toffee colored, precise and double-lined on high stress points further increasing lifespan. The Hide & Seek comes with a generous 3 year warranty for added peace of mind.

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We stared at it. We bought beers with it. We sat on it. We twisted, bent, stretched, folded and turned it inside out. And as the beers went down smoothly so did the lasting impression of the Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet.

If you’re after an affordable, stylish looking wallet with the ability to hold all the cash and cards you could ever need, buy this wallet. You won’t be disappointed.

Hide & Seek – ‘High’ Java
$89.95 AUD
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Check out the video below for more on the Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet.

The Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet on Vimeo.

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