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Bentley GT V8

Bentley GT V8

When footballer’s get bored with their money, they turn to Bentley for a kind offering of ways to show the world their success and wealth. Let it be known that the Bentley GT V8 is not a family car. This is not a car to be stuck in traffic. Then again, Beckham opted for the convertible edition which is passable for a Sunday drive.

The Bentley GT v8 comes in at the high-end sports range at a base price of US $174,000. For the small price of a 30-year fixed mortgage, you can own a machine that roars almost as loud as its v12 brother. You’ll be shocked to learn that this is actually the entry level coupe. Offering a little less of power, weight, emissions and horsepower also means a little less in price. But knowing you’re getting 0-60 in 4.6 seconds will wash away all your potential doubts towards this sexy Bentley sleeper.

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How kind is Bentley to have made an entry-level machine for aspirational millionaires to also rub shoulders with actual billionaires right? Fully kitted out, the GT has a price of $215,880 which includes carbon ceramic brakes with black calipers. Throw in another $4,305 for the Sunburst Gold exterior paint option and you have a quarter million dollar piece of Bentley to enjoy. Even after all these extras the GT still shares the same shape as the current gen GT models.

This is a beautiful piece of car. But then again, we have a soft spot for Bentley. You should too.

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Bentley GT V8 Interior

Bentley GT V8

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