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Boss Royal Cocktail Of The Week: The Boilermaker

Boss Royal Cocktail Of The Day: The Boilermaker

Enjoy the big game with this old-school straightforward whiskey and beer concoction, the Boilermaker. Depending how you want enjoy the cocktail, you can take a shot of whiskey and then chase it with a beer; or mix the shot with the beer.

In the United Kingdom however, the drink is a half-and-half mixture of bottled brown ale and mild draft. This cocktail’s recipe varies by location.

We recommend the following recipe for the best way to enjoy it.

Please enjoy the Boilermaker responsibly, like a Boss

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Ingredients in the Boilermaker
  • 1/2 Beer
  • 1 Shot Of Whiskey
How To Make The Boilermaker
  1. Fill a pint glass halfway with your beer
  2. Drop your shot of whiskey into your beer
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