It’s a clear dark night. Blackness shrouds the mountains, the air is cool and clean, the stars scatter the vast sky. Suddenly, a burst of high propulsion jet fuel is ignited, pushing a shape into the atmosphere at staggering speeds.

Enter Skunk Works.

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For those Americans among us, you’ve most likely heard your fair share of UFO reports. Fox news and CNN, NBC and more of your local county channels report the sightings as if it’s part of the national weather.

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But what is actually going on here. ¬†How do we separate the unknown sightings from the known military sightings? Well, you can’t. Unless you see a projectile, ship or unknown object that appears to have control and purpose of flight, you can’t really prove anything.

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Governments, especially America in this instance, has a tendency to be known for conspiracy. But thankfully we’re not talking about this today, we’re talking about the fact that if you were to see a shooting light fly through the sky at immeasurable speeds, chances are it’s a Lockheed Martin Skunk Work development.

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The Skunk Works is more than a conspiracy. It’s an accepted fact of one of America’s largest defense contractors, you guessed it, Lockheed Martin. These bastards make the planes we all know and love, the B2 Spirit, the A-10 Thunderbolt II, C-5 Galxy, C-130 Super Hercules, U-2 (badass), F-22 Raptor, F-35… we could go on. This company makes the definitive technology of tomorrow.

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Raytheon and Boeing are just as involved in creating cutting edge tech. Truth is, we’ll never really know what’s from this earth or another. Unless we make contact that is.

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