With over 13 years combined experience in the fitness industry, these guys decided to disrupt the fitness apparel industry. The founders, Steven and Ryan, met their cofounder Trevor at the gym early 2016 in Fremont, CA where they came up with an industry shaking idea.

The idea, to create a fitness t-shirt that would remain odorless after every use. Good try guys, this seems nearly impossible. Turns out, this is the real deal. Steven and Ryan decided to combine their expertise in fitness and clothing to make the most functional fitness tee by utilizing the most advanced clothing technologies.

Buffer, a brand that delivers only the highest quality functional performance apparel. In order to deliver the quality they want, they focus on Functionality. Quality. Design.

Buffer - Odor Resistant TeesWhat Buffer Is

  • Odor Resistant: Copper ions are permanently infused in our nylon/spandex fabric creating a 99% antimicrobial shirt.
  • Quick Dry/Moisture Wicking: Our fabric is knit so that sweat and moisture is pulled from the inside and brought to the outside, so it can evaporate as fast as possible.
  • Comfort Fit: We’ve designed the shirt to rest closely to your body, allowing our fabric’s 4-way stretch to give you full range of motion for any activity.
  • Flatlock Seams: The shoulder and side seams are stitched together with no seam allowance, meaning they rest flat on the body, without extra fabric, giving you a comfortable chafe-free wear.

The Science Behind How Buffer Works

Copper nanoparticles are permanently bonded to our nylon/spandex fabric through
electroplating, which causes the fabric to be 99% antimicrobial. Copper attacks
microbes in a three step process.

  1. Air combined with moisture causes the copper in your shirt to
    oxidize, which releases copper ions (No, your shirt won’t turn
    green like your old pennies).
  2. The copper ions directly interact with the outer surface of the
    microbe’s bacterial membrane, which causes the membrane to
  3. Once the bacterial membrane ruptures, the cell loses vital
    nutrients and water, which causes the microbe to weaken. This
    thwarts the ability for the bacteria to mutate and reproduce, thus
    leaving the shirt 99% microbe-free.

Check out the Buffer Kickstarter Campaign. They have over 80 backers and have raised over 10k! Killing it. You need one of these for those hot days outside, or as advertised, in the gym!

Get Your Odor Resistant Gym Gear Here

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