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We want to share your story!

The only way The Boss Royal is in existence is because of the great content our contributors and guest bloggers provide to us. As you can tell, we write about a wide variety of topics from entrepreneurship and business advice to travel, the latest internet trends, beautiful women and men’s lifestyle. We spend each day creating original pieces of content, but we also spend hours scanning the internet looking for the best stories we can feature. We look for stories that inspire.

If you feel that you can provide great written pieces (videos rock too), we want to hear all about it! Want some examples of great content? Take a look around Bossroyal.com.

Here Are The Details.

  • 800-1600 words
  • Must include personal anecdotes (Example: I did **example**)
  • Include takeaways (because I did **example**, I learned **example 2**)
  • Include a head-shot and 1-2 sentence bio with any required links
  • Please provide a link to a sample of your writing online.