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The Most Dangerous Trail in The World


El Caminito del Rey is the most dangerous trail in the world, and if you love your adrenaline sports, you’ll be happy to know it stretches on for 3km.

Situated near Alora in Spain, this walkway takes the cake when it comes to sketchy tourist adrenaline adventures.

It’s no wonder the walkway is also known as ‘The King’s little pathway,’ being a mere 1 metre in width and a height of over 100 metres. Opening in 1905 as a means for workers of the Chorro Falls Power Plant to transport materials, the del Rey is one of the most treacherous and hazardous terrains for even the most experienced hiker.

Parts of the trail have no handrails. Narrow steel beams and support fixtures have eroded over the years making some parts of the walkway offer no support at all.

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Two fatal accidents in 1999 and 2000 saw the closure of both entrances by the local government however restoration work has begun to the tune of $9 million. Even when this walkway has all the rails and supports needed, it’ll still remain as one of, if not the most dangerous trail in the world.