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Leonardo DiCaprio VS. Dan Bilzerian

Leonardo DiCaprio VS. Dan Bilzerian | Boss Royal

Leonardo DiCaprio - a classy 39 year old successful actor that demands respect.

Dan Bilzerian - a reckless show pony that pushes partying to its limits, one gamble at a time.

You've probably heard these two names quite a lot during 2014. Be it Dan Bilzerian throwing Janice Griffith off a roof or maybe Leo and his success with Wolf of Wall St, one thing for certain is that each one of these men have tasted the finer side of living a successful life.

We've pitched these two together in a head-to-head comparison of their lifestyles, claims to fame and preferred flavors of the high-life. They both definitely know how to spend their money but what lifestyle would you prefer? The larger than life, guns-blazing pornstar throwing lifestyle of Dan Bilzerian? Or perhaps you'd prefer the more discreet class of DiCaprio who almost convinced the world his life is the Wolf of Wall St?

We know who we prefer, the man that dresses better.


Dan Bilzerian - Most Envied Man in the World

Also dubbed as "Instagram's Playboy King", Bilzerian came out of no where during 2014 with his larger than life instagram feed showing numerous selfies with gorgeous women, lavish parties and stacks of cash. Even though he had appearances in films such as "Olympus Has Fallen", "Lone Survivor" and "Equalizer", 2014 was the year Dan's popularity really sky-rocketed.

Dan Bilzerian loves guns and takes many glamour shots with them. He gets most of his love for guns from being in the navy. Dan Bilzerian was almost a Navy SEAL but was honorably discharged before graduating for a ddispute with one of his commanding officers.

He then enrolled in the University of Florida where he majored in Business and Criminology.

As of 2016, Dan Bilzerian's net worth is $150 million and showing no signs of slowing down, Dan's thirst for a Vegas King's lifestyle, as fun as it looks, also puts his body on the line. He's suffered not one but three heart attacks before the age of 32. This guy knows how to party albeit a bit too much.

Class? What class?

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Dan Bilzerian throws Janice Griffith off roof

Dan Bilzerian private jet

Dan Bilzerian working out with girls

Dan Bilzerian car collection

Leonardo DiCaprio is a boss

Leonardo DiCaprio - The Rising Heavyweight Gentleman

DiCaprio's always been a good actor. Since his outstanding early performances and carefully chosen films, Leo's career has risen over the years to now be tinkering on the same level if not higher than that of Brad Pitt. And with this grandeur of status comes a finer lifestyle to match. Working with such director's as Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, Leo's persona has somewhat been molded into the modern day gentlemen we all know. But Leo's cool-cat exterior is not without its chinks-in-the-armor so to speak. He's dated over seven various supermodels from Bar Refaeli to Gisele Bundchen. He owns his own island off the coast of Belize and is known to frequent the Mediterranean on yachts with scores of high quality women. Leo seems to radiate an effortless sense of class in his step by not seeming to over do things like Bilzerian. An avid philanthropist, Leo recently gave $1 million to support a wildlife reserve.

Now that's Boss.

Leonardo DiCaprio on yacht with models

Leonardo DiCaprio partying on private yacht

Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf on Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio smoke

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