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Easy Money – Black Market Prices


Everyone wants a quick buck. From organised crime syndicates and online pirating to antique looting, drug muling and cockfighting – there’s something for every money hungry criminal. We’ve tracked down some facinating data from Havocscope that showcases profits made from illegal activities on the black market. This information has been gathered from public domain documents, news and reports. It’s worth noting, we don’t condone any of the below. However, it makes for one hell of a read.

$200 Million a year from Opium
$108,000 per year
$1.2 Million per year
$4,000 per year
$500,000 from One Run
$200 per truck
$15,000 to swallow 76 capsules of heroin

1 percent of final sale price
$15 Billion per year
$80,000 a month
$4,900 vs $770 for wheat farmer
$30,000 to $75,000 per hijacking
$1 to $2 per 1,000 views

Source: Havoc Scope.


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