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France’s Molitor Swimming Baths


Molitor, once the most popular swimming baths in all Paris has undergone a major restoration in a bid to bring it back to its former glory. Up until now Molitor had been a forgotten relic of relaxation and over time became a common graffiti ground best known as a hangout for the Paris underground. Not anymore.

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Bertrand Delanoë, the Mayor of Paris made a pledge between 2001 and 2014 to restore the Molitor pools and reopen them to the community. The restoration effort was led by Sebastian Bazin and three other teams of architects. Perrot & Richard conducted an extensive investigation of the Molitor to get the new overhaul looking how it once did back in 1989 by carefully choosing authentic colours, measurements, signage and original materials.

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When you’re in Paris next, book a room at the Molitor, it even has a club and we pretty much guarantee there’s going to be some amazing parties here.

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images courtesy of Molitor and McGallery

13 rue Nungesser et Coli, 75016 – Paris
Phone : 01 5607 0850
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