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Gear Lust – Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8

People loved last year’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge – so much so that the smartphones sold 100,000 units within 2 days of its South Korean launch, and a total of 48 million units in 2016. Thus, it’s no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are making an even bigger splash.

How big? According to Samsung, the S8 sales are 30% higher year-over-year than the Galaxy S7.

So why do people love the Galaxy S8 and S8+? Like the rest of the world, we’re huge fans of Samsung’s latest flagship. Here are our own reasons:

The screen is mind-bogglingly terrific

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the larger S8+ look terrific. It has a bright and colorful Super AMOLED screen with an astounding 1440p resolution. The screen looks like it just melts over smoothly on both edges of the phone.

The S8 and S8+ screen just melts over the edges.

The display for the S8 and S8+ is taller but narrower, preventing the phones from feeling huge despite having a larger screen. It’s incredibly bright so it’s visible outdoors, even at midday; the color and contrast ratio is impressive; all of which provide a great media and web browsing experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ arguably have the best display on any smartphone right now.

The build is top-notch

Samsung’s flagship this year is undoubtedly the best in industrial design. It retains its predecessor’s:

  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Expandable storage through an SD card slot
  • Water and dust resistance
  • USB type C quick charge
  • Wireless charging

And yet somehow, both models are unbelievably thin. The S8 measures only 8mm, while the S8+ is 8.1mm, and both are made of metal and glass.

The phone has monster specs

Both variants use the Snapdragon 835 chipset and Adreno 540 GPU (for US models at least). It also comes with 4GB of RAM, at least 64GB of storage (which is expandable), and Bluetooth 5.0. These, when combined, provide a buttery-smooth experience like no other – so far at least (it could change in a year so let’s see).

Extras that make online living easier

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ also come with a few extras, including a gif maker (which lets you select part of your screen to make an animation); the ability to take round or extended screenshots; and Bixby, a virtual assistant created by Samsung to compete with Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Bixby has a dedicated button placed on the side of the phone, which makes using the assistant more convenient. Granted, the voice activation feature isn’t there yet (as of this writing, it’s been launched in South Korea), but it will be available in the US “later in the Spring”, which is probably sometime next year.

The camera is incredible

Last but certainly not the least: the S8 and S8+ camera. At first glance, it looks the same as last year’s: 12-Megapixel f1.7 aperture, dual-pixel auto-focus, and optical image stabilization.

The Samsung Galaxy S8’s camera is one of the best right now.

What makes the S8 and S8+ camera better is an updated sensor with better optics, which result in better pictures. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S8’s snaps have better detail, contrast, color, and sharpness than the S7’s already-terrific photos.

Is it the best smartphone ever? All things considered, we think it is. What about you?