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Pilot + Photographer = Gut wrenching Aerials


Photographer. Director. Pilot.
“A mile of runway will take you anywhere”.

Legend photographer, Director and Pilot Mr. Adam Senatori brings us a plethora of gut-wrenching aerials from his Instagram account. Senatori’s captivating work was launched to Instagram in 2011, since then he’s grown his account to over 800,000 followers, launched a book dedicated to his IG works and been featured on countless publications such as The Daily BeastHuffington Post and CNET to name a few. Take a look at his account, scroll and enjoy.

Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Website.

Adam-Senatori-1 Adam-Senatori-2 Adam-Senatori-3 Adam-Senatori-4 Adam-Senatori-5 Adam-Senatori-6 Adam-Senatori-7 Adam-Senatori-8 Adam-Senatori-9 Adam-Senatori-10 Adam-Senatori-11 Adam-Senatori-12 Adam-Senatori-13 Adam-Senatori-14 Adam-Senatori-15 Adam-Senatori-16

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