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Hovercrafts beat Jetpacks


Yeah yeah, so Jetpacks aren’t quite what you were expecting given the year being 2014, but if you like hovercrafts, you’re in luck. 

If you could pick any car company to team up with Mercier-Jones Hovercraft Concepts who would you choose? Bugatti of course. This insane open-air speedboat / land hybrid is the future of the hovercraft. Stealing design inspiration from the Veyron, Maserati Granturismo and the Audi R8, this ‘super-toy’ is ready to be red-lined at the beach and into the water and beyond. This hovercraft has it all including air cushion technology, high end materials including copious amounts of carbon fiber, patent-pending directional control system and metal alloys.

We’re just trying to decide on which hip-hop artist will be riding this in their next music video.

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