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Hyperloop One is looking to change the way we travel


Imagine you could board a vehicle that would transport you from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a half-hour. As you sit down in the pod the size of a bus, your seat remembers who you are and adjusts the environment settings, just for you. The pod takes off and accelerates to 760 mph, made possible by the vacuum inside the tube. The tube measures the speed and location of the pod to ensure safe travel. The pod itself has also been design to minimize the G forces’ effects on a traveler. You won’t notice a thing at all! To top all of this off, it is solar powered

Hyperloop One is one of the companies attempting to take the hyperloop from Elon Musk’s imagination to real-world application.

On Wednesday, Hyperloop One held the first live test of its version of the ultra-fast transportation system at a secluded site in Nevada. The test was a success.

Check out the Hyperloop One test below

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