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Get to know Instababe Jayme Lynn O’Connell

InstaBabe Jayme
InstaBabe Jayme Lynn O'Connell

Shout out to Jayme Lynn O’Connell. FINE.. is an understatement. Jayme is a Boston based model who is a HUGE New England Patriots fan.

She’s a gal’s gal and a hottie InstaBabe to our male audience.

She loves spending time in nursing homes and enjoys her time with the residents… (don’t know if that’s good for the old fella’s hearts).. I’m sure the residents love her just as much back.

Without further adieu, take a look at some of our favorite Instagram shots of Jayme Lynn O’Connell.


Quick Notes on Jayme Lynn O'Connell

Name: Jayme Lynn O'Connell
Description: Fulltime Student and Model from Chelmsford, Massachusetts