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Largest Yacht Ever Built


Pride Mega Yachts have announced the largest yacht ever constructed in China has sold for an undisclosed amount to a mysterious buyer.

Cruising in this past other yachts would make them look like toys in a bath. The sheer size of this behemoth vessel makes you question how much training is needed to get this into a port, then again, we doubt the buyer would be steering this. Pride yachts call the illusion "a unique spatial experience with her 88.8 meter length and 3,600 gross ton mass'. We call it an 'over the top insanely expensive floating MGM grand.'

Largest Yacht Ever Built 2

Coming in at a ridiculous 300 feet long, the enormous Illusion is powered by a Rolls Royce generator and two Azipull thruster pods which are definitely needed to get this thing moving. While these images are renderings only, and if these are anything to go by, this could be a contender for one of the top 5 most luxurious yachts ever made.

Largest Yacht Ever Built 3

The state-of-the art Rolls Royce wheelhouse (above) looks like a bridge from a Star Trek film. The Illusion sets sail in 2015.

Largest Yacht Ever Built 4

Builder Pride Mega Yachts

Naval Architecture Azure Naval Architects

Exterior Design Rainsford Saunders Design

Interior Design Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design

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Check out the ridiculous video below of the Pride Illusion.

Photos Courtesy of Pride Mega Yachts