Cook Like a Boss – The Spam Breakfast Sandwich

Write this down: the ultimate morning meal is the Spam breakfast sandwich. Why? Because it uses the holy trinity of sandwich ingredients – Spam, eggs, and cheese.

Individually, these components may seem just okay to some, but when combined into one, it’s exquisite perfection jammed between two slices of bread.

Here’s the thing: you don’t really need to make complex meals to cook like an absolute boss. Sometimes, the simplicity and their combined taste are all it takes to reach attain perfection.

Here’s what you’ll need to achieve breakfast sandwich supremacy:


  • 1 can of Spam (aim for the low-sodium variant)
  • English muffins or Hawaiian sweet rolls
  • 2 eggs
  • American cheese
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Mayonnaise

New Technology – Google tracks your phone’s location even when the GPS is off

Tracking your location via GPS is a relatively recent phenomenon among smartphones. This lets you do incredible things like ride-sharing, navigation, or looking for Pokémon in various street corners. But what if you learned that your phone still tracks your location even when you turn off its GPS function?

According to a report by Quartz, phones using the Android operating system gather data about your location and send it to Google when they’re connected to the internet. And unless you turn off your phone, there’s no way to stop it.

Google plays Big Brother

Apparently, Android automatically tracks the location of the cell towers it connects to. The OS then sends the data to Google automatically. And get this: Google has confirmed it.

As per Quartz’s story:

Even devices that had been reset to factory default settings and apps, with location services disabled, were observed by Quartz sending nearby cell-tower addresses to Google. Devices with a cellular data or WiFi connection appear to send the data to Google each time they come within range of a new cell tower. When Android devices are connected to a WiFi network, they will send the tower addresses to Google even if they don’t have SIM cards installed.”

What’s Hot This Week – The Last Jedi arrives today

It’s been two years since The Force Awakens, the first of three sequels in the Star Wars saga. Today marks the arrival of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the second chapter in the new trilogy.

The Last Jedi stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, and a host of other familiar faces.

Major spoiler alert: if you missed The Force Awakens, turn back now. We’ll be talking about a few important details in previous Star Wars films. Otherwise, keep reading.

The Last Jedi immediately follows the events of The Force Awakens, which is set 30 years after Return of the Jedi. It continues the story of orphan Rey (Ridley) and her meeting with Luke Skywalker (Hamill), along with the war between the Resistance – led by General Leia Organa (Fisher) – and the evil First Order.

One of the major questions that we hope to see answered is how Rey will evolve as a character. She was a Mary Sue in the previous film: she handily mastered Force powers and defeated trained Jedi (or Sith) in one-on-one combat. Plus, the Resistance entrusted her with a sensitive mission and details within minutes of meeting her.

Brittney Brannagan looks so good it hurts

What makes Brittney Brannagan different from the average model? Easy. She’s also a photographer before she started posing in front of the camera. This has given Brittney a passion and appreciation for what happens behind and in front of the lens.

Quick Notes on Brittney Brannagan

Name: Brittney Brannagan
Description: Brittney is a model based in Portland, Oregon. Aside from looking incredibly hot wearing skimpy clothes and getting her pictures taken, she's also:

- A photographer.
- Totally into travelling.
- A huge Nirvana fan.
- An avid fighting sports enthusiast. Or used to, until she broke up with UFC fighter Ian McCall.
- A fitness buff. It's no mystery why Brittney looks so good it hurts.


It’s not hard to see why she inevitably became a model. Standing at 5’7″, Brittney’s pretty tall; has long and perfect legs attached a killer body; and she’s an absolute knockout.

Best of all, Brittney Brannagan is also on Instagram. So if you have any appreciation of the female form, make sure you follow her.

🦄☁️🍧 #Portland

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Thirst-Day – How to Make a Classic Daiquiri

Like the Manhattan, the daiquiri is one of the basic drinks in David Embury’s 1948 book The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.

If all the daiquiri you’ve consumed is the neon green beverage from a machine, then you’ve never really had one. Sure, the substance is refreshing and delicious, but it’s certainly not the drink in question.

A daiquiri is a type of cocktail whose main ingredient is rum, lime juice, and sugar (or simple syrup).


The drink may have originated from either:

  • Jennings Cox, an American engineer, who was in Cuba during the Spanish–American War. Cox was said to have concocted it.
  • William Chanler, a U.S. congressman, who bought the Santiago iron mines (which had a beach named Daiquiri) in 1902. Chanler may have introduced the beverage to New York clubs later that year.


Like other classic drinks, the daiquiri has a number of variations, including:

  • The banana daiquiri, as its name suggests, uses some banana.
  • The strawberry daiquiri has strawberries.
  • The Hemingway daiquiri comes with grapefruit and maraschino liqueur but doesn’t have any sugar.

The version we’re making today isn’t frozen or filled with any other fruit; it’s the old-school classic in its purest form. Once you know how to make the basic drink, the other variants should be easy.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a glass:

Boss Royal Weekly Eye Candy – 13th December 2017

Every week, we put together a gallery of photos that will blow your mind. Last week, we took a close look at a range of tushies in honor of hump day.

Today, we’re checking out other types of curves.

Gear Lust – Essential Gadgets Every Man Must Own (Part 2)

Gadgets can generally be divided into three groups: the useless, the great to have, and the essentials. Last week, we discussed the first batch of absolute necessities that we think every man should have. Today, we talk about the rest.

Think of our list below as useful gift ideas for yourself, your dad, uncle, son, or buddy.


Like smartphones, laptops have become an essential productivity tool. They’re portable, versatile, powerful, and far easier to use for data entry and manipulation compared to smartphones.

Can you imagine typing a 1,200-word report on a smartphone? Protip: don’t. Furthermore, compared to the prices of flagship smartphones these days, a regular laptop is usually (and surprisingly) cheaper.


Can you imagine not having a TV? We couldn’t either. Despite the existence of portable devices for media consumption, reclining on a couch in front of a TV is arguably still the best way to watch a Netflix show.

If you can help it, aim for a 4K television. The jump in clarity is quite astounding, especially when compared to 1080p HDTVs.

Home speakers

Your 4K TV may look stunning, but its audio is no match for quality home speakers, which should give your viewing pleasure a huge boost.

But don’t settle for regular speakers; having wireless speakers means you can put it anywhere in your home without the messy cables. Your home’s sound system will never be the same.

Monday Mayhem – 11th December 2017

Monday is the start of the work week. This means your weekend is pretty much over, so it’s likely that you’re not a fan of the day either.

Last week, we helped take the nasty Monday edge off with the help of some gorgeous redheads. Today, we’re checking out a number of stunning brunettes. Have fun!

Lazy Sundaze – How to Do Less and Accomplish More

Practice not-doing and everything will fall into place.”
Lao Tzu

How many of us don’t get lazy every now and then? Of course, some of us get lazy more than others — my mom (always a hard worker) once told me she gets lazy, but then she just does the work anyway. I replied, “Mom, that’s not lazy! That’s the opposite of lazy!”

Lazy is often seen as a bad thing, but I disagree. Lazy is an amazing thing.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Lazy means that your body and mind are tired and want to rest. That’s a sign that you should actually rest. When you ignore these signs, that leads to burnout. So rest, and feel good about it!
  2. Lazy means you don’t want to work too hard, which often leads to figuring out how to do less work. Just about all of the advances in technology come from laziness: we drive cars instead of walking because we’re too lazy to walk, we use washing machines because we’re too lazy to do it by hand, we use computers because writing things out by hand is hard. Of course, reliance on machines isn’t a good thing, but using laziness to figure out better ways to do things is a good thing.
  3. Lazy people don’t start wars. Who wants to go through all the trouble to fight a war? Peace and friendliness are much easier.

“Simple Productivity” has been our motto for the longest time, and today I’d like to set out the reasons “Do Less” is the ultimate extension of Simple Productivity.

Do Less: The Ultimate Simple Productivity

It may seem paradoxical that Do Less can mean you’re more productive — and if you define “productive” as meaning “get more done” or “do more”, then no, Do Less won’t lead to that kind of productivity.

But if instead, you define “productivity” as a means of making the most of your actions, of the time you spend working (or doing anything), of being as effective as possible, then Do Less is the best way to be productive.

Consider: I can work all day in a flurry of frenetic activity, only to get a little done, especially when it comes to lasting achievement. Or I can do just a couple things that take an hour, but those are key actions that will lead to real achievement. In the second example, you did less, but the time you spent counted for more.

Let’s take the example of a blogger: I can write a dozen posts that really say nothing, mean nothing, but take up my entire day … or I can write one post that affects thousands of people, that really reaches to the heart of my readers’ lives, and takes me 1.5 hours to write. I did less but made my words and time count for more.

If you’re lazy, as I often am, then the choice is simple. Do Less.

But do it smartly: Do Less, but make every action count. Send fewer emails, but make them important. Write fewer words, but make each word essential. Really consider the impact of every action you take, and see if you can eliminate some actions. See if you can achieve a great impact doing less.

This doesn’t mean “less is more”. It means “less is better”.

Do Less: Of Everything

But Do Less means much more than being productive. It goes to the heart of everything we do, of our society. Do Less is nothing less than a two-word manifesto for living.

Here’s how the two-word manifesto of “Do Less” can change everything:

1) Do Less buying. If you spend less, shop less, acquire less, then you will own less, need less, get into less debt, be in better financial shape, have less clutter, and have more time for things that are truly important.

2) Do Less busy-work. Instead of running around doing lots of little things, slow down. Do Less. Live a calmer, more peaceful life. Be content to sit, to do nothing. Relax a little. Smile and be happy.

3) Do Less managing. If you are in a position of authority over others, whether it’s as a manager, executive, or parent … the less you do the better. Many people over-manage, or over-parent. This gives their employees, or children, very little freedom, room for creativity, room to learn on their own, to succeed and fail. The less you do, the more others will figure out how to do things. Do little things to guide and teach, but for the most part, back off and let them be.

4) Do Less communicating. Less talking, less yelling, less arguing, less emails and IM and Twittering, less phone calling. While I think communication is extremely important, and should be one of the keys to any relationship, I also think we do it too much. Especially as most of it becomes nothing but jabbering at each other, with very little actual listening. It is noise. Let silence into your life. Let stillness pervade our minds. When you do communicate, make it count, make it sincere, and more than you talk, listen. Make every email count. Only IM when it’s necessary. Spend less time on the phone and Twitter and Blackberry and iPhone, and more time with humans, more time with yourself, more time in the present.

5) Do Less complaining and criticizing. I won’t rant about how these two things can drag down you and those around you … but instead will say that if you did less of these two things, your life would be better. And we all do them — fess up! I do, and I try to do less of it. Instead, do more kindness, compassion, understanding, accepting, loving.

6) Do Less planning and worrying and future thinking. Spend more time in the moment. We worry too much, and it does us no good. We think about things that haven’t happened, instead of what’s happening now (and yes, I know that’s the name of an old sitcom). And while some planning is necessary, too much of it is a waste of time — there’s no way to predict the future, and trying to control every little thing that’s going to happen is futile. Learn to go with the flow, look for opportunities, find the natural path of things, and do what is needed in the moment. You can’t control outcomes, but if you learn to work more fluidly (instead of rigidly following plans), you can get to outcomes that are good.

7) Do Less judging and expecting. Acceptance is something I’m trying to learn to do more. And that means I need to be less judgmental, and stop having expectations from everything and everybody. If you have no expectations, and don’t judge things, you can accept them. And acceptance leads to peace, leads to happiness. So when you find yourself judging, think “Do Less Judging”. When you find yourself expecting someone to be a certain way, think “Do Less Expectations”. People won’t disappoint you that way, because you’ll learn to accept them as they are, and learn that they are already perfect, as they are.

Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”
Lao Tzu