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Leo gives it to Bieber


There’s nothing sweeter that reading about Bieber’s self-inflicted public demise. His misdemeanours, racial comments, shit music and try-hard bad-ass attitude hasn’t done him any favours. Thankfully, real A-class celebrities know he’s just a Pony.

At last month’s Cannes Film Festival, it was reported that Bieber was seen shirtless in the same club as Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo was enjoying himself with his entourage of ladies in his VIP section when Bieber was seen nodding and smiling in Leo’s direction, expecting a warm invitation to the party. What happened next was a classic glove-slap to the face (and a knee in the bag). Star Magazine reported Leo simply shook his head and waved him off like a boss. A tip of the hat to you DiCaprio, Well played sir.

Photo credit: Wolf of Wall St

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