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Lewis Hamilton’s Private Jet


Take a look at car racing star Lewis Hamilton’s private jet. Lewis Hamilton is sitting aboard a very different set of high powered engines, his very own Challenger jet.

The 2014 Italian Grand Prix Champion holds 28 wins and an impressive 17 fastest lap records to date. He’s also not afraid of splashing his cash around and letting the world see his sweat, blood and tears from racing be known. Here’s a Lewis reclining in his private jet from his Instagram.

Lewis Hamilton's Private Jet 2

We like Lewis’ jet because it’s a stylish rendition of a Bombardier Challenger, only this one is smokin’ hot red. He paid around £20m for this jet so he could keep his romance with Nicole Scherzinger alive, stating that they were sick of being thousands of miles apart. His jet even has a personalized number plate C-LCDH. If this isn’t BOSS we don’t know what is.

Lewis Hamilton's Private Jet 3

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