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This Is How Much Contract Killers Make


Have you ever wondered how much a contract killer makes? Contract killers, hitmen and assassins come at a pretty hefty price, as you can imagine. If you’re willing to front the cash, you can have almost any problem swept under the rug these days.

The suave suit-wearing hitman, romanticised by hollywood are a rare breed these days, if not completely non-existent (except maybe in governmental capacities). Hired hitmen aren’t suave or charming and they sure as shit don’t wear suits. If you find yourself having to deal with such businessmen, you’ll most probably end up face-to-face with tweaker bikies or straight up junkies looking for some quick cash. Either way, you’re pretty fücked and need to reevaluate your life. What the hell you’re doing?

We found a list that detials how much contract killers make; and the background story on each.

France – Monaco
India – Mumbai
Between $35 to $900
Mexico – Ciudad Juarez
$85 to Minors
Mexico – Police Chief
$20,832 to target Police Chief
Mexico – Sinaloa
Mexico – Teenage Boys
$10,00 to $50,000 per killing
Philippines Death Squad
$110 per hit
United States and United Kingdom
Few hundred to $25,000
United States Soldier
$5,000 by Juarez Drug Cartel
United States Soldier – Group of Snipers
$800,000 for group of 3

It is worth noting, this shit isn’t legal. We certainly don’t condone it. This post is for entertainment purposes only.

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