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The President Tree – 3,200 Years Strong

The President Tree - 3,200 Years Strong | Boss Royal

Although there are taller trees in the world, this Giant Sequoia holds the record for being the tallest tree in the world. The circumference of the trunk measures 93 ft (28.4 meters), taking the behemoth to just over 247ft (75.3 meters).

Named The President tree, it’s been growing for over 3,200 years in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in California.

The profile of The President tree has ever been shot in one photograph until National Geographic put their team to work.

The below image is a composition of 126 photos. 


Chael Nichols, Ngm staff. Composting: Ken Geiger, NGM staff. Climbing Team: Jim Campbell Spickler, Giacomo Renzullo, Cameron Williams, Nolan Bowman. Technical team: Nathan Williamson; Marty Reed, Humboldt State University (HSU). Order Large Format Prints at: NationalGeographicCart.com



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