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Russia’s eye in the sky


Here’s a quick update on Russai’s latest air defence: The Sukhoi PAK FA T-10 is Russia’s fifth generation fighter entering their Air Force programme. It’s a stealth, single seater, twin engine tactical fighter jet utilising the latest tech fresh out of…Russia.

It combines supersonic cruise with hyper manoeuvrability making it a successor of the MIG-29.


The T-10’s first flight was in early 2010 and continues to battle through testing stages. It’s predicted to enter service in the Russian Air Force in 2016. It is expected to have a service life of up to 35 years.

Role Stealth multirole fighter
Origin Russia
Manufacturer NAPO, KnAAPO
First flight 29-Jan-10
Introduction Dec-16
Status Flight testing/pre-production
Primary users Russian Air Force
Russian Navy[3]
Number built 5 prototypes
Program cost US$8–10 billion (est.)
Unit cost  US$50+ million

With a top speed of 1,516 mi/h (2,440 km/h), the T-10 can travel a distance of 3,417mi (5,500km), almost double that of USA’s Lockheed F34.

Although the T-10 is still in testing, the stats are looking promising. It’s only natural to compare Russian tech with American output. The T-10 is on track to be a great product and export for Russia.

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