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Sean “TwinCutZ” Casey Built a Business from Nothing


Sean Casey is a New York City native that resides in South Florida. He is the owner and founder of TwinCutZ Barber Shops. As a licensed barber and cosmetologist with over 15 years of experience, he is passionate about his craft in the art of barbering and hair industry. He has worked as an international educator and platform artist, as well as created his own series of shaving razors. His message is best reflected in the following video:

He is a dedicated leader with a history of success in unique hair designs, barbershop management and business ownership. Currently, he owns two barbershops called TwinCutz and is active in several high profile competitions such as the New York Barber Battle 3 and Xotics Hair Battle. His film and TV work includes NYC Barber Battle 3: the Movie and NBC News.

When asked about entrepreneurship, he said, "No one is going to call you every day and tell you to get up and get going. You have to search deep down within yourself. You have to believe in the person in the mirror."



TwinCutz Barbershop

TwinCutZ is a professional barber shop in Fort Myers specializing in men's grooming.
Phone: (239) 334-2889
Hours: Mon-Sat 9am - 6pm
9390-3 Six Mile Cypress
Fort Myers, FL
FGCU graduate, Florida Raised, Cleveland born.