The words “all nighter” are going to have a new meaning, or better yet, cease to exist. Nootropics, aka smart drugs, are neuro-enhancers designed to improve cognitive function, brain memory and a heightened sense of mental function.

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Smart drugs aren’t anything really too new to us though. Your morning coffee is kindly laced with caffeine, kicking you into gear every morning. In a mundane sense, along with coffee, fish oil has the similar stimulants for your brain by boosting memory function by 15%. But 15% isn’t enough, is it. We want to really boost it. We want to see results as soon as humanly and safely as possible, with no repercussions.

Say hello to Modafinil. Originally designed to treat people with motor function disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ADHD, Modafinil has been proven to enhance working, spatial and executive memory in the brain.

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Mondafinil is the most popular brain enhancer according to respected online forums. Things to expect include increased memory retention, better focus and wakefulness. It’s advised not to mix Mondafinil with alcohol or grape juice and a decreased appetite and need for sleep is normal.

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Smart drugs are booming in the UK and US with Silicon Valley experiencing high usage rates since 2009. Maybe this is where all the nerds are getting their inspiration for multi-billion dollar apps? One thing for certain is that you can expect these brain enhancement drugs to be seen more in society with the advancement of technology over the coming years, ie; Google Glass. Our needs for speeding up are growing and our brains aren’t evolving fast enough. Cue limitless drugs here.

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These smart drugs are just a kick start for now. Soon you’ll be pulling 16 hour days and getting those A+’s you never thought were possible.



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