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How To Stay Safe Playing Pokémon Go

Stay Safe Playing Pokemon Go
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It is no shocker that Pokémon Go is a huge hit across the globe, but here is how to safe safe playing Pokémon Go.

The hit game, created by Niantic Inc, gets players to hit the streets to catch Pokémon using an augmented reality map. However, Pokémon Go is a huge distraction for every player, and disaster is right around the corner.

Players are becoming so immersed in the experience, they are running into trouble, quite literally. Armed Robbers are targeting players and a little girl even found a DEAD BODY while playing the game. Also if curbs, and cracks in the sidewalk don’t get you, then walking into traffic will (as seen below).

Niantic, Inc., does include warnings to players about being aware of their surroundings while playing the game.

The Tennessee Highway Safety Office shared the below image on Twitter, making sure you don’t Pokémon-and-drive.

Another warning, but on a rather comical side.

Be safe, guys. Don’t Pokémon-and-Drive, look up from your phones to see where you’re going, and always be aware of your surroundings.

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