Home Reviews These sweat wicking socks by Maison Impeccable are pure genius

These sweat wicking socks by Maison Impeccable are pure genius

Sweat wicking socks by Maison Impeccable

The future of sweat wicking socks is here…seriously. As an avid runner myself and always on my feet, I am always looking for new socks that really are comfortable and yes, wick away sweat. The Stealth Sock solves this problem once and for all. I stumbled across this new product on Kickstarter called the Stealth Sock. It is ‘stylish, durable, and packing serious technology to keep feet fresh, cool, and supremely comfy’.

How it works:

The Stealth Sock has some real cool technology behind it, literally. Maison Impeccable, creators of the Stealth Sock infused the sock with bacteriostatic silver and activated carbon infused fibers, keep your feet cool and odorless. There is no other sock on the market like this.

Stealth Socks: Covertly Fresh, Impeccably Styled
The Technology that goes into the Stealth Sock (source: Maison Impeccable)

This Kickstarter Campaign has an astonishing $93,791 with over 1,300 backers…and they still have 18 days to go (as of April 11, 2016)! Unreal.

I don’t want to bore you anymore so I will let so I will let you check this sock out for yourself!

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