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The Creeping Island (Snake Island)


Ever heard of a moving Island? Well this has got to be the closest thing to it…

The Brazilian Government has made it illegal to step foot on, the Navy frequently patrols its coast, it is singularly responsible for 90% of Brazilian venom-related fatalities. The locals call it ‘Snake Island’

Roughly 30 kilometers off the coast of Sao Paulo is Ilha da Queimada Grande, which has the densest population of snakes in the world with scientific reports stating that, in places there are up to five snakes per square meter.

The island tops itself in the world tables not only for being the densest population of snakes but also home to the most venomous species on earth, the Golden Lancehead.

This sinister critter can reach 1.5 meters in length and produces a toxin that is capable of burning though human flesh and killing in seconds.


However the causes of the epidemic are still unclear, to this day it is riddled in speculation amongst both the locals and scientific community.

Their rapid reproduction is not the only pressing issue. The Golden Lancehead is native to the island, found nowhere else in the world and evidence to how they must have got to the eerie island is very mysterious.

The facts are creepy enough, but the infamous rumors and tales from the locals make it all that more chilling.

There was the story of the fisherman, who strayed inland after his boat broke down. He was in search of bananas and upon finding some he returned to his craft. It is unclear what happened between his discovery and return trip, but all we know is that, a few days later he was found lying in a pool of blood and covered in snake bites.

The second was that of the lighthouse family who were supposedly sieged by a mass of snakes during the night that seeped through the cracks and windows. A few days later, locals found the family. Though they were not operating the lighthouse, they were scattered around the island, dead.

Even the name of the Island translates to something menacing, ‘the island of slash-and-burn-fire.

Sadly (or not), the friendly inhabitants of the island have been in decline since its restriction to the public, which has made the Golden Lancehead an increasingly threatened species.


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