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The Dirty Economy of Meth


Meth – The word alone conjures up visions of dirty glass pipes and grubby street junkies. However, it’s quickly becoming the drug of choice for the middle and upper class. It has surpassed Ecstasy as the new party-drug. So much so that between 2007 and 2012, the seizure rate of Ecstasy in the United States declined by 85 percent as Meth took to the streets and party scene.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, a total worldwide seizure of 12 tons of Methamphetamine was reported in 2012, 45 percent of which took place in China.


With over 6,000 Meth Lab shut-downs across the United States in 2011, it has rocketed into the limelight due to it’s rock bottom price and simple manufacturing process. Any cracked-out tweaker with access to cold medicine, rat poison, chlorine, bleach, and other harsh chemicals can mix up “shake-n-bake” style at Granmar’s.

The list below details the average per-gram street price.

Australia $641.4 per gram
New Zealand $573.9 per gram
Indonesia $203.8 per gram
Saudi Arabia $199.7 per gram
Japan $125.3 per gram
Afghanistan $105 per gram
Germany $89.2 per gram
United Kingdom $88.45 per gram
China $72.9 per gram
Spain $30.5 per gram
South Africa $27.0 per gram
North Korea $11 per gram
United States $3.0 to $500.0 per gram
Cambodia $1.6 per gram

Source: Havoc Scope

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