It’s 5.20 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon and the party at Berghain hasn’t stopped for 18 and a half hours. This Berlin nightclub is as sweaty, steamy and filthy as clubbing in Euroland gets but there’s one catch, getting in.

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Parties in this club often start Friday evening and run through to early Monday morning. The club sits in the renowned underground dance epicenter that is Berlin and covers the very best electronic music on offer. If you get inside, you can expect to find a place where drugs are abundantly waiting, sex and flirtations can be found at every turn and a mixture of diverse characters are waiting to meet you. See, Berghain don’t want people that don’t know how to party, this is where the doorman comes in, he wants people who really know how to party.

Over the years, websites, forums, word of mouth and even an app have all tried to decode the unforgivingly ruthless dress code of Berghain. Sven has dismissed scores of punters itching to get into the coveted club. Some punters even go home and re-dress only to be stared at and dismissed with a subtle gesture.

I don’t mind letting in the odd lawyer in a double-breasted suit with his Gucci-Prada wife. If they make a good impression, let them in,” On the other hand, Sven notes that “we also take guys in masks and kilts, or Pamela Anderson blondes in run-of-the-mill high-street outfits who tag along with bearded blokes, licking the sweat off each others’ armpits. That, for me, is Berghain… Don’t be afraid. People who are afraid usually aren’t very good at partying.”

Berghain club interior, Berlin, where DJ Mat Jonson performs minimalist techno

It’s no easy task to even get to Berghain before you attempt to get in. There’s no public transport close by and you’re looking at a good 10-15 minute walk from the closest train station. No signs, no lights or directions and you need to walk though a dirty parking lot to an unsuspecting abandoned power plant.

berg 9

Berghain doesn’t need to advertise its coveted reputation for the very best house music, long six to nine hour DJ sets and an atmosphere that is unmatched in regards to underground pleasures.

berg 5

Berghain is not a posh club. It’s an underground, deviant, hedonistic place where people go and a part of them will never leave.

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