Below the internet you use everyday lies a ‘hidden’ network known as Darknet. The ‘Darkweb’ or ‘Darknet’ is hidden because its contents can not be accessed through normal search engines such as Google. There’s a reason for this.

The Darknet is somewhat a way of describing what the internet was before it made its way into the consumer market. This underground internet, in a way, had to happen as the balance of privacy online became lost to the governments and spy agencies such as the NSA, CIA and PRISM network.

So who uses Darknet? Among its heaviest users you’ll find the U.S Navy and other military and law enforcement agencies. These organisations are the primary users of the ‘hidden internet’ due to the ordinary internet leaving your digital footsteps which reveals your location and data. Among law enforcement users’ however, you’ll find many people piggybacking the privacy of the Darknet to acquire various illegal wares and services.



dark 5

Politicians can conduct secret negotiations in a safely encrypted digital network, therefore leaving no trace of having held the conversations and remain completely anonymous.

You’ll also see Darket used for the buying and selling of underground wares, sales of drugs, unregistered weapons such as hand guns, semi-automatics right through to full automatic UZI’s and assault rifles. Users of Darknet also make up whistleblowers and activists who in particular, live in countries that forbid free speech, fearing retribution. Eg: Snowden / Assange to name two who got caught.

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There’s even a portal put up by the New York Post that allows journalists and bloggers with sensitive political information to upload their material without being traced.


So what can you buy on Darknet illegally?

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Guns, drugs, fake passports, stolen credit cards and much more among the illegal black market trade. A site called ‘Grams’ is used as a somewhat digital marketplace of illicit goods which randomise and disappear randomly, making it hard for authorities to track. Goods are usually bought anonymously using BitCoins which further adds to the anonymity of sellers and buyers.

So how do you get on Darknet? Via Tor of course, but we’ll just stop here. https://www.torproject.org/

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It is worth noting, this sh!t isn’t legal but it’s interesting as f*ck. We certainly don’t condone using the Darknet for illegal gain.