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The Must-Play Game This Week – Injustice 2


The last game that we thought you should play was Prey 2. This week, it’s Injustice 2, a NetherRealm-developed fighting game which arrived on store shelves last 11 May in North America, 17 May in Australia, and 19 May in the UK.

Injustice 2 reception

So far, Injustice 2 has dazzled most critics, garnering an aggregate Metacritic score of 87% for the PlayStation 4 and 88% for the Xbox One. Several reviewers even say Injustice 2 has possibly the best single-player experience in a fighting game.

Injustice 2 arrives with a bang.


Here are some of the reasons why we think Injustice 2 is compelling:

  1. An extensive single-player campaign, which is made more engaging thanks to its terrific visuals and storytelling. The solo campaign is massive with 32 confirmed characters – so much so that you don’t really have to play online multiplayer to enjoy the game.
  2. The Multiverse is a single-player mode that lets you travel DC Universe’s parallel dimensions and fight foes with various handicaps, conditions, and objectives that get progressively harder. This may involve fighting a dozen enemies in a row or use only a specific character.
  3. Diablo-like loot drops and gear, which let you change your character’s appearance, increase their stats, and use additional moves and abilities. So when you play through the game as Superman, your version will look and play different compared to another players’ Superman.
  4. You can join guilds to team up with other players and compete in daily/weekly cooperative objectives. Meeting these objectives will give you rewards in the form of experience and loot boxes.
Injustice 2 is fun for players of various skill levels.

What is perhaps the most fascinating part about Injustice 2 is that it’s accessible enough for people who don’t like fighting games (especially those not wanting to get beat up online), and yet it’s challenging enough for gamers of various skill levels.

We can’t wait to try out Injustice 2 for ourselves.