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The S-97 Raider Attack Helicopter


Costing a cool $15 million each, the S-97 Raider is totally badass whilst being the best looking pieces of machinery you’ll lay your eyes on.

Fast, nimble, and packing heat, the S-97 will enter the US Army in 2015 on scout missions abroad.


It’s design includes variable speed coaxial main rotors and a variable pitch pusher propeller, making the S-97 a compound helicopter.

Capable of carrying up to six passengers, in addition to a flight crew of two in a side-by-side cockpit it was desiged on the same tech that holds the chopper air-speed record of 260 knots, that’s almost 300mph (twice that of conventional choppers).

  • Guns: .50 cal gun w/500 rounds
  • Rockets: 7 shot rockets pod
  • Cruising speed: 253 mph; 407 km/h (220 kn) (with external weapons)
  • Speed: 276 mph; 444 km/h (240 kn)
  • Range: 354 mi; 308 nmi (570 km)
  • Endurance: 2hr40min
  • Service ceiling: 10,000 ft (3,048 m) 95℉

As a scout chopper, it’s limited by weight to ensure speed and manoeuvrability come first. This means firepower is limited to a single .50 cals with 500 rounds and a pack of side rockets. The S-97 is designed to fly ahead of troops and its bigger brothers to scope, report and support. With that being said, the S-97 is still something you’d like on your side when going into battle.

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Images: guns.ru, Think Blue

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