There are so many banks in Switzerland, 327 to be exact, all authorized and ready to hold your money, gold-plated Glock or first edition of Batman Action Comics #1.
The world of Swiss banking is a secretive one. If a company or an individual wants to put their millions (or billions), gold, jewelry, sensitive documents, political deals or business agreements, they come to one of many Swiss banks to hold their riches safe.

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Swiss bankers are more than you think to their clientele. They are often asked to personally shop for their clients and buy expensive watches, cars, jewelry and other luxury items and deliver them. This is a way the elite move their money around from country to country – and in and out of the United States. 

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Swiss bankers are often tasked with offering their clients ways to outsmart the US Treasury in regards to paying huge taxes. Literally fleecing the Treasury out of billions every year, Swiss bankers know the international law, its limitations and loopholes. These bankers keep the rich very wealthy but the banks are the real winners here.

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As of October, 2008, the Switzerland banking industry had an average US $1.375 trillion dollars of cash and assets. Ranked globally at #25 among banks, the Swiss powerhouse banking sector is quiet, sinister and evasive. So evasive in fact that the largest and richest companies in the world you all know and love bank their money there. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Sony, Exxon Mobil, Samsung and many more all use Switzerland to evade taxation they would otherwise have to pay if banked in the United States.

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Another reason foreign investors choose Switzerland for banking is anonymity. Customers include corrupt officials, mobsters, political figures, dictators and general cheats who want to hide their money… with no tax or questions asked. The elite flock to Swiss banks to deposit their riches and ask to never be contacted by the bank. This includes statements, inquiries and visitation information. No contact means no contact. This way, should the client fall under investigation for fraud, there’s no links joining them to the banks. Millions of dollars are left unclaimed when customers die because the Swiss banks are asked not to contact them or their families.

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You just know there’s money here – The Central Bank of Switzerland.

One bank holds the mother-load of deposits. That’s the UBS Bank. Over 60,000 clients. over $300 billion Swiss Francs. No statements. $0 taxes. Holding over a staggering 50% of deposits of all in Switzerland. The UBS Bank has tentacles that stretch far and wide across international networks, investments and private holdings. How far, we will never truly know. But sources from within UBS say their power rivals the Federal Reserve on all fronts.

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So if you’re looking to deposit some bulk funds and know it’s going to be safe, get a Swiss Bank account, they’re BOSS