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The TSA’s Instagram is Terrifyingly Cool


The TSA’s Instagram feed features some of the craziest and inventive items made to foil security checkpoints. Despite the dangerous and illegal items they seize, the TSA claim they’re only trying to raise awareness of what is actually prohibited.

“We’re just using a new mechanism to reach an audience with Instagram,” says TSA’s Press Secretary Ross Feinstein.

Either way, this is one of the most innovative methods to turn a brand around. They have essentially shifted from an authority figure to a social phenomenon, they now have over 150,000 highly engaged followers.

“You change it from people complaining about TSA to people saying, ‘Wow look what TSA found, I can’t believe someone would try to come through with this.’”

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This is a notebook cover that was discovered yesterday in a carry-on bag at the #Albany International Airport. On the X-ray however, it looked like an improvised explosive device. There was no malicious intent here, but it’s important to remember that homemade #DIY projects can often look pretty ominous to our X-ray operators.


This is an inert display model of a firework shell. It was detected in checked baggage at the #Springfield #Branson airport. If an item looks like a real bomb, grenade, etc., it’s prohibited. Items such as these can cause significant delays while the explosives detection professionals resolve the alarm.


This .40 caliber folding stock rifle was discovered loaded with 15 rounds in a carry-on bag last Friday at the #Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.


All of these items were discovered recently by officers at #TSA checkpoints. The #Batarangs were discovered at the #Chicago #OHare International Airport


This replica Claymore anti-personnel land mine was discovered in a checked bag at the #Tulsa International Airport in November of 2012.


TSA officers recently discovered these concealed knives in carry-on bags. The cane swords were discovered at #Memphis, the belt buckle knife at #LaGuardia, the lipstick knife at #Saipan, and the comb knife at #KansasCity. All knives are prohibited from being packed in your carry-on bags.


In July of 2009, 200 rounds of .25 caliber ammunition was discovered in four hollowed-out bibles.


These knives, disguised as keys, were discovered at a Greater #Binghamton Airport checkpoint. Leave it. Check it. Ship it.


In July of 2009, an inert grenade was discovered inside a stuffed penguin at the #Manchester – #Boston Regional Airport.


(Left) 80 pounds of marijuana was discovered last Friday in a checked bag at the McClellan – Palomar (CRQ) airport in #California. (Right) Several vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana (about seven pounds) were discovered last Saturday in a check bag at the #Oakland International Airport. TSA is not looking for contraband, but it is reported to local law enforcement when discovered.


This is an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) training kit. It was discovered in checked baggage at the #Honolulu airport this week.


Last week, 81 pounds of marijuana were discovered in checked baggage at the Oakland (#OAK) International Airport.

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