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Top Political Sex Scandals Of All Time

Top Political Sex Scandals Of All Time

Sex sells, and no sex sells better than that hidden away until exposed in all its tawdry glory. We lap up every sordid detail of public sex scandals: we love 'em.

History has shown those in public office are no different to the rest of humanity, and prone to a tryst or two. Trouble is, when a politician's indiscretions are exposed, they are subject to the harsh and unforgiving treatment of the tabloid media, while we mortals feign moral outrage and pass judgement on their conduct.

Behold, a few notable examples of busy men with even busier hands with the Top Political Sex Scandals of All-Time.

1. John F. Kennedy

Top Political Sex Scandals Of All Time John F. Kennedy

The 35th President of the United States basically wrote the rule book on extra-marital affairs, bedding a steady stream of beauties throughout his political career, most notably one Marilyn Monroe. All the while, beautiful wife Jackie stood by her man.

Described by his own biographer Robert Dallek as a "compulsive womaniser", JFK's dalliances regularly drew the attention of the FBI, who feared some of his many conquests could be German spies and/or communists, and thus a threat to US security.

Sympathetic and favoured journalists kept his moonlighting largely secret, with his insatiable lust only brought to heel by an assassin's bullet in 1963.

2. Bill Clinton

Top Political Sex Scandals Of All Time Bill Clinton

"I want you to listen to me. I'm going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

But Bill did. Many times. And 20-year old Monica Lewinsky had the semen-stained blue dress to prove it.

Clinton's 1998 affair with the young White House intern set off a chain of events that saw the then US President haggle ridiculously over the definition of "sexual relations", subsequently admit, sheepishly, to an "improper physical relationship" before being impeached by the House Of Representatives and, later, acquitted.

Throughout the ordeal, wife Hillary stood stoically alongside her philandering hubby, while Bill himself became daily fodder for late night TV gags. Sales of Gurkha Cigars, however, reportedly went through the roof (look it up). To this day, 'Zippergate' holds a special place in US political history.

3. Anthony Weiner

Top Political Sex Scandals Of All Time Anthony Weiner

While his predecessors were, ahhem, undone via stained garments, taped conversations and their own carelessness, the unfortunately named New York politician was forced to resign from Congress on account of a very modern phenomenon: sending pictures of his junk over the internet.

Seems Weiner was keen on sending women pictures of his, um, weiner via Twitter.

After disappearing from public life in 2011, Weiner emerged last year to launch a bid to become New York Mayor. Alas, he was exposed (!) again, when a woman came forward saying a man named 'Carlos Danger' (Weiner's online moniker) had sent her explicit photos. Despite calls for him to drop out of the mayoral race, Weiner persisted, eventually gaining less than 5 percent of the vote. Ouch.

4. Silvio Berlusconi

Top Political Sex Scandals Of All Time Silvio Berlusconi

Get a load of this guy.

Silvio is infamous for his public gaffes and general boorish behavior, for which he seldom, if ever, apologises.

Whether he's publicly ogling US First Lady Michelle Obama as husband Barrack looks on, unimpressed, or organising bunga bunga sex parties at his Milan mansion, old Silvio is both lampooned and lauded in equal measure.

It seemed his number was finally up in 2009, when in an open letter, wife Veronica Lario announced her intention to separate from her husband on account of his "cavorting with minors".

That led to the uncovering of alleged steamy sex parties involving prostitutes, and an eventual sentencing to seven years jail for having sex with 17-year old prostitute 'Ruby The Heart Stealer'. Berlusconi is appealing his sentence, and maintains that, far from sex parties, such gatherings were more akin to "elegant dinners".

Old Silvio has form in avoiding the clink, managing to get off lightly on tax fraud charges by performing community service in a home treating dementia patients. He's still serving his 'sentence', and no doubt treating patients to stories of lust they won't soon forget (or will they?!).

Meanwhile, the 77-year salty old is planning to marry for the third time, to 28-year old Francesca Pascale. Salute!