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Ultra Rare Vintage T-Shirts

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Vintage these days usually means the 90’s and 80’s era to us Generation Y’s. But if you happen to come across any of these 10 vintage concert t-shirts you could be wearing some serious cash.

Truth is, most people don’t know that old rag of a t shirt sitting in their garage in a box along with the Christmas lights could actually be worth a lot of money to the right collector. We’ve compiled a top 10 list to give you an idea of what you should be looking for.

10. Michael Jackson Thriller Baseball Shirt: $1,000

This speaks for itself. This is a real piece of history right here especially after he passed away, it’ll only go up in value.

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9. The New York Dolls – Album Shirt (1973): $2,500

Hipsters would lose their shit to this shirt. Just look at that graphic! One of a kind.

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8. Iron Maiden – The 1980 British Tour Concert: $1,050

Hardcore rock fans probably wouldn’t appreciate it these days because it’s such a basic design however there’s something we really like about that classic font we love.

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7. David Bowie 1976 Film Shirt: $2,000

Another hit with the hipsters. This one is particular rare as only 2000 were made. It’s over 40 years old too.

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6. The Runaways 1977 Concert Tour Shirt: $2,000

A classic in its own right, the Runaways (nowadays) are still no doubt a hit with the oldies. This shirt could be a winner if get the right girl to wear it to bed with you?

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5. Pink Floyd 1971 Relics Album Shirt: $3,000

You probably wouldn’t wear this unless you were a truly dedicated fan. Plus it’s $3,000. Hmmmm.

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4. The Who – Staff Shirt from 1973: $6,000

This is what The Who band members and management wore during the 1973 boom times of The Who in London.

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3. Led Zeppelin 1979 Knebworth Concert Shirt: $10,000

Reportedly the largest band fee ever paid to a single act at the time. This was a HUGE history defining gig for Led Zeppelin.

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2. The Woodstock 1969 Festival Shirt: $10,000

This is an amazing piece of history. Woodstock is known as one of the most respected music festivals in the world. Owning this means you say you were there! Start growing a beard.

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1. The Beatles 1966 Butcher Cover T-Shirt: $20,000

The only version of this shirt we know is on ebay. The seller claims that John Lennon gave it to him personally. It looks like it’s been through quite a beating but at almost 60 years old, this is a shirt that should be framed not worn. It’s INCREDIBLE.

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