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Your voice just got more powerful with RippleBuds

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We all have been in the position where you get that important phone call, and your are in a very noisy place. You can’t hear the individual you are talking to you, and they can’t hear you! Instead of darting for a bathroom or searching for a quiet corner, you need to grab a pair of RippleBuds.

RippleBuds are wireless earphones designed with the microphone in the earpiece itself. They use a patented technology known as ‘speak with the ear technology’. With this technology, RippleBuds captures the human voice from the ear allowing your voice to be heard clearly even when you’re in an extremely noisy environment. Very Cool. This noise blocking technology reduces ambient noise by about 30 decibels!

Who hasn’t had trouble with Siri and Google Voice Search? No matter how many times you repeat yourself, the background noise always seems to disturb your command. Not anymore, RippleBuds will help make sure your voice is recognized.

These guys have made HUGE steps with their Kickstarter Campaign. They have over 5K backers and have raised over $600k!

‘The time for a better ear bud has arrived: make waves with RippleBuds.’

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