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Wolverine’s ageing like everyone else


Damn it Hollywood, you’ve failed us again! If an over paid team of makeup artists and computer effects dudes can’t prevent a super-hero from ageing, we’re all doomed.

Apart from Wolverine’s (Logan) claws, he’s known for his healing abilities that dramatically affects his ageing. Although he wont live forever, it’s said Logan will live far beyond the normal lifespan of a human. While seemingly ageless in the comics and cartoons, it’s clear the past 13 years with X-Men (amongst other things) has hit Hugh Jackman in the face.



Hugh Jackman (31 years old) in X-Men (2000) vs. Hugh Jackman (44 Years Old) in The Wolverine (2013).

Although the ageing process hasn’t been kind to his face, over the 13 years of filming Jackman has had some serious time to sort out his strength.

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