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A Luxury Yacht, Models, Billionaires.

luxury yacht

Leonardo DiCaprio was snapped on a luxury yacht as he was sun baking, surrounded by 5 leggy ladies in the South of France. We all know Leo has it good…reminiscing on last year’s Cannes Film Festival, it’s hard not to be envious of just how good he has it.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The 204 foot luxury yacht, named Lionheart belongs to the owner of Top ShopSir Phillip Green. The Lionheart yacht, a prominent fixture on the European party scene is worth a staggering $37 million, a small drop in the ocean for the £3.3 Billionaire (US$5.4b). It is only available to A-class celebrities, high rollers, high-end parties… or all of the above.

the 37m luxury yacht

Leo’s request for female company was delivered on demand like a true playboy.

all aboard the luxury yacht

ladies on luxury yacht

Some compare DiCaprio to the one and only hollywood playboy, Jack Nicholson. Not surprisingly as they’re both brilliant leading-men actors, charismatic gentlemen, tireless playboys and the epitome for stylish masculinity.

jack nicholson on luxury yacht

We tip our hat to you gentlemen. Well played.