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Hey: Your Boyfriend Is On Tinder

Boyfriend Is On Tinder
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Boyfriend Is On Tinder
Thanks to @ERIIKADAVIIS (Instagram) for the contribution.

Just yesterday, I was casually scrolling through my Facebook feed and found a post that made me burst out laughing. She posted, “Attention girls: Your boyfriends are on Tinder.” After wiping away tears of amusement, I began to think this is so true and very real. A lot of guys create Tinder profiles while in a committed relationship. Why search for a hook up or love when you supposedly had that to begin with?  The explanation to this might just be as simple as the old cliché, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Where men do want their cake and want to eat the whole damn thing too.  Another area we could place blame is in our current society. The normality of today is flooded with mixed messages of men having not just a girlfriend, but a side chick, a baby momma, and/or even a mistress. Not only that, some guys probably can convince their girlfriend that it’s just for marketing or meeting friends.

It’s comical in a way, but Is it wrong? Yes, I tend to think so. I mean whatever happened to loyalty and morals? These guys are savages with the swipes. The worst part of this tinder phenomenon is that even if a woman caught their man red-handed, a lot of times they are likely to stay with him. How do I know this? Not only have I lived it with a former ex, but other female friends have told me on multiple occasions they stayed together after finding out about the Tinder profile. It’s incredible how the other person is so willing to forgive what seems to me to be a huge issue.

Let’s face it, we live in an entirely social world. Guys do stupid things. Then we ask for forgiveness. . . in that exact order. However, when anonymity becomes a profile attached to an Instagram account and within a couple clicks your entire life is opened up to a complete stranger, you are opening up the door to problems. I mean there you are with your girlfriend you love just two pictures to the right. Take those fake emoiji hearts in the caption elsewhere. Players don’t know how to play their own game anymore and If that doesn’t raise a red flag then maybe a screen shot from her single best friend whose Tinder bio states “isn’t looking for a hook up” will be a wake up call. This isn’t just a thing men do, either. I have seen many girls I know with boyfriends popping up on tinder within my discovery location. It seems it is getting more and more difficult to stay faithful when sex is just a download click away.

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